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Need service on your water system?

We service all makes and models of water treatment equipment.

If you would like immediate assistance, please call our office at

Emergency Assistance: 941-216-0505

Water System

Service Plan

Water World will tailor a preventative maintenance program to meet your needs.

  • Test Your Water
  • Clean Aerator as Needed
  • Evaluate for Leaks and Cracks
  • Adjust Settings on Equipment
  • Run System Through Cycles
  • Adjust Aerator Float
  • Check Water Level in Salt Tank
  • Deliver and Add Products

In addition to these services we offer annual well chlorination as the first line of defense in treating your water at the source.

The Diamond Care

Service Plan

The plan covers the following:

  • Power surge, and ants damage (typically not under warranty)
  • 5 Point Check – a trained service technician will stop at your home and perform a 5 point check up every other month for well water and every three months for city water.
  • Salt Delivery – we will maintain the salt level in your conditioner (or potassium permanganate or chlorine if applicable) All salt included. No Charge.
  • Maintenance – any maintenance or service required on the water conditioner is covered.
  • Parts – all parts and components on the water conditioner are covered as long as you stay on the plan.
  • Labor – any and all labor charges to work on the equipment are covered, during regular business hours, as long as you remain on the plan.

Auto Filter Change

Service Plan

To ensure pure, safe and fresh water all the time, protect your reverse osmosis system with the Diamond Care Plan.

The plan covers the following:

  • An annual check-up by a trained service technician
  • Annual replacement of pre-filters on your reverse osmosis system
  • Replacement of post filter and membrane as needed
  • UCRO components are covered under this plan
  • Any and all labor charges to perform maintenance on reverse osmosis system are covered
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