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Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Installed at your home’s water source, it enhances water from every faucet and tap, providing an all-in-one solution built to handle the unique water needs of your home. Reduce particles, contaminants, or imbalances in your water with Water World’s Whole House Water Filtration systems to experience the difference it makes in the water you drink and use every day. A whole home water filtration system from Water World treats your problem water directly at the source, so you enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher water from every faucet.


Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems
Waterite introduces the ExcelLight™ ultraviolet disinfection systems designed for ease of installation and simple operation. Each with a full list of standard features.


Ultimate Combo Series

The enviroSoft™ Conditioner transforms scale forming calcium and magnesium into harmless crystals that won’t stick to pipes, fixtures or appliances providing 99.6% scale prevention without the use of chemicals or salt.

Watershield™ NaturWise

Salt Free Water Conditioning

The Watershield NaturWise salt free water conditioning system provides quality drinking water to the home and protection from scale formation throughout the plumbing system. The Watershield NaturWise system can be installed at the point of entry to treat your entire home, for both hot and cold water. 

Fusion² Specialty Ion Exchange

Water Conditioners

The fully electronic Intelogic Ultra control features clock or metered brining, multiple cycle sequencing, and upflow or downflow brining. An extra-rigid brine tank and Midnight Black tank jacket complete the package. High-performance Excelclear selective reduction anion or cation resins are available for nitrates, organic color, uranium and other contaminants. Mixed bed systems with the Fusion² static valve are also available for deionization applications with Waterite’s own MBX115 resin. Systems available from .7CF to 5.0CF with peak service flow rates ip to 25.0 GPM.

Fusion² Chemical-Free Paterson

Iron Remover

Waterites wide range of water conditioners includes the original Paterson chemical-free iron remover, a highly effective solution to iron staining and rusty water. This rugged system injects air to oxidize ferrous (clear water) iron and removes the resulting ferric (red water) iron from your water supply. Features include the famous Micronizer air injector, Midnight Black tank jacket and the F2TC fully automatic valve. Waterite’s patented Paterson system never needs chemicals! Available in 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 CF sizes with service flow rates up to 8.0 GPM. Water World Purification Systems will specify contact tank size required.


Iron Filter Systems

Iron Fist systems use Pyrolox™ catalytic media to eliminate the corrosion, odor and staining due to H2S and iron in drinking water without the need of any chemical media regeneration or contacts tanks. Fully automatic each system comes with the waterite valve 5-year limited warranty and a limited 10-year warranty on the mineral tank.

The Fusion² Multi Media & Special Media Filters

Each water filter application can present a unique set of challenges. Waterite’s Fusion² filter family can help meet them all. Available with a wide selection of media, Fusion² filters can be tailor made to meet individual customer needs, up to 4.0CF with service flow rates of up to 14.0 GPM. Waterite™ automatic filters and conditioners are also common used for pre-treatment of commercial reverse osmosis systems.
Multi-media sand and gravel filtration for the reduction or turbidity (suspended particulate) to appoximately15 microns. Crushed aggregate filtration (Filter AG™, crushed pumice) for the production of fine suspended particulate to approximately 30 microns.

Fusion² water conditioners feature Waterite™ control valves

The Fusion² Manganese Greensand and MTM™ Filters

Useful for filtration when elevated iron, hydrogen sulphide and manganese are found in the water supply. Both of these proven filtration medias require periodic regeneration and potassium permanganate. Manganese greensand is a natural mined material and MTM™ is a manufactured media. MTM™ has an advantage in applications requiring a lower backwash rate to achieve optimum bed expansion. Models are available up to to 2.5 CF with peak service flows up to 10.0GPM.

All MTM™ and MG™ filter systems are equipped with the Waterite™ F2TC control valve, potassium permanganate feeder, the intial dose of potassium permanganate and Midnight Black tank jacket.

The Inside Story: Waterite™ F Series Automatic Control Valve

The Waterite™ F-Series control valve is the heart of the Fusion² family of filters and selective ion exchange water conditioners. The latest generation of design assures years of trouble free service. With service and backwash rates up to 27GPM, Waterite™ F-series valves feature integrated curcuit boards, proven piston technology and multiple sequence programing. The valve may be disassembled and serviced in minutes, making it breeze to service.

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