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Service Carbon

Activated Carbon Tanks

Service Carbon is an economical and efficient process for removing chlorine, chloramines and dissolved organic contaminants from incoming water supplies. Our portable exchange units contain virgin carbon to assure maximum water quality and service life of the bed.

Quality Control of the entire process ensures optimal performance of our Service Carbon units, including media selection, product inspection, documented process controls, and tank traceability. Only carbon media of the highest quality is used so that water quality will not be compromised.

Customized Systems allow for greater flexibility in order to achieve the necessary product water quality. We offer flexibility using Service Carbon in combination with Service Deionization (SDI) systems and provide a wide variety of replacement parts; filter cartridges, membranes, and other accessories. We also offer maintenance service contracts.

Operating Parameters

Recommended Maximum Operating Pressure & Temperature

  • 0.25 – 3.6ft3
    60 psi / 38C
  • Turbidity
    5 NTU
  • Colour
    5 units
  • Organics
    3 ppm
  • Manganese and Iron
    0.3 ppm

Tank Specifications

  • Construction
  • Head
  • Internals
  • Fittings
    Quick Connect
  • Media
    Acid Washed Carbon, 12×40 mesh, Iodine #1000

Accessories Available

  • Pre and post filters
  • Sample ports
  • Pressure regulators
  • Water meters
  • Pressure gauges
  • Ultraviolet lights

Product Specifications

Service Exchange Carbon Tanks Specifications

Model NumberMax. Flow Rate USgpm (lpm)Carbon Volume (ft3)Dimensions WxH (in)Weight (Wet)
lbs. (kg)
Note: All weights and dimensions are approximate. Higher flow rates can be obtained with parallel configurations. The F digit in our model numbers refers to a flat top design required for some unique applications.
350CRF0.71 (2.8)0.26 x 2018 (8.2)
350CR2 (7.6)0.26 x 2323 (10.4)
360CRF0.75 (2.8)0.46 x 3731 (14.1)
360CR3 (11.4)0.46 x 3936 (16.3)
300CRF0.75 (2.8)18 x 4666 (29.9)
300CR5 (18.9)18 x 4871 (32.2)
420CR10 (37.9)212 x 46123 (55.8)
520CR15 (56.8)314 x 50202 (91.6)

Media Information and Options

  • Carbon can be offered in several different options.
  • Activated Carbon – 12×40 mesh
  • Catalytic Carbon

Installation Considerations

  • System operates on tap pressure, with a pressure change of 20-60 psi.
  • Higher feed pressures must be reduced with both a pressure regulating valve and a pressure relief mechanism.
  • The system must be installed on a firm, level surface.
  • A floor drain is recommended.
  • Accessories may require electrical connections
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